Seminar commentators:

Annika Waern

Annika Waern, Professor, Uppsala University. Since 2003, Annika’s research has been focussed on game design from an interaction design perspective. Her focus has been on pervasive games, games that use technology to support play in the real world rather than on screen. Working together with game designers, media theorists, artists and technicians her research of today is highly multidisciplinary with a focus on design, production, evaluation and analysis of pervasive games.

Kati Heljakka_photo

Katriina Heljakka (M.Sc., M.A.) is a doctoral student at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Art Pori Unit, Finland. She is a toy researcher with a background in studies of economics, art history and visual culture. Before commencing her doctoral studies in visual culture, she worked as a game designer in the toy industry, and she continues to work as a toy design consultant, art critic and visual artist. Heljakka has participated in designing many international award-winning board games and taken part in various art exhibitions. She serves as a board member for International Toy Research Association (ITRA), Chairwoman for the Women in Toys organization (WIT) in Scandinavia, and Secretary of the Popular Culture Association Finland (PCAF). In her doctoral thesis for the Aalto University, Heljakka explores how toys are approached in art, design and adult play.

Seminar chair:
Frans Mäyrä, University of Tampere

The organizing committee:
Frans Mäyrä, University of Tampere
Annakaisa Kultima, University of Tampere
Heikki Tyni, University of Tampere
Kati Alha, University of Tampere
Janne Paavilainen, University of Tampere


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