Wednesday 29th May

10:00 – 15:00 Hybbi Playful Brainstorming Workshop
Media museum Rupriikki, Finlayson area

In the Hybbi Playful Workshop, the participants will brainstorm together concepts for the playful hybrid products (toys and games) with the help of IDECARDS brainstorming tool. All concepts will utilize the same fictional story as a starting point: an innocent character called Hybbi. What will happen to Hybbi in the hands of creative academics? The resulting concepts will be presented as posters for the Physical Digital seminar participants. Hybridex will be giving an insightful presentation about existing hybrid products at the beginning of the seminar to juice up the brainstorming. Each participant of Hybbi workshop will be given a free IDECARDS set to take home.
Workshop language is English.
Maximum amount of participants: 15.

ToyAward Nominierung 2013 – iPawn® Pool Billiards  / Jumbo Spiele GmbH, nominiert fuer Kategorie Special Award Toys 3.0 / nominated for category Special Award Toys 3.0Skylanders 2App Toys 2


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